Project Description

G’day my name is Bitsa (or miss Bitsy) to Vanessa and I am a 1 year young long haired beauty. My name comes from the fact that I am actually a Maltese, chintzier, blue heeler & Labrador mix, none of which you could pick by looking at me. I live in Australia near the beach where I love to go for long runs & stir up any other dogs i meet.  I get very excited to have my lead on and sometimes bite it & tug  at it while we are out walking. When you first meet me, I look like I am very shy & timid but I’m not like that at all.  I will sometimes cower down and roll over so its actually a ploy for you to rub my belly.  When Vanessa stays to look after me, she stays in our guest house & every morning, I let her know I am at the door so she can let me in and I run past her & pick up the first thing I find on the floor, I have had, slippers, socks, shoes & paper and then I run back out with Vanessa laughing and chasing me out in the garden. She has learnt now not to leave any socks on the floor as I have a habit of actually eating them and it comes out when I poop.  I have beautiful big dark eyes and a front curl in middle of my forehead, I am very unique, and I make everyone laugh in my family.  I am also very loving & will come and put my head on your lap or sneak up onto the bed for a cuddle to show you how much I adore you, I love my human kiddies very much and love playing with them in the garden but the youngest regularly comes up to give me hugs & kisses and I let him tuck me in with a towel on the sofa