Project Description

Hello, I am young Cadbury, I am a 3 year old Chocolate Labrador with loads of energy & enthusiasm.  When I wag my tail, my whole lower body bends in half.. I am super friendly to both animals and humans & will be very happy to see you and come up for a hug & pat even when I have never met you before.  I am currently travelling with my mum & dad in the van but happy to be spending a couple of months here where I love to go for long walks & play with the other local dogs on the weekly meets.  I let you know when i want a treat, as i bring my treat bone to you but if you don’t do it right like my petsitter Vanessa who threw it down the hall for me to fetch,  I wasn’t impressed at all, sat & gave her my “What the hell was that look”!..  I love to play with my favourite ball absolutely anywhere but especially on the beach where I can run in and out of the water is  fun for me.  I love to sit in my mum & dads lap to receive a good belly rub and cuddle but don’t like my harness much and even though I really want to go for a walk, will run away and hide if you try and put it on me.  My mum loves to dress my in jumpers, T Shirts and one of my favourites when I am cold is my Addidog jumper.  I look very adorable in it.