Project Description

Hi, my name is Charlie.  I will be 4 years old in August & I am very handsome Apricot Cockapoo who was born on a dairy farm in Ontario Canada.  I moved here to the Algarve recently with my human family & I love my life here very much.  I now live on a big property near Luz where I regularly lay basking outside in the sun. I love to play with my throw toys & am ready to go as soon as I wake up in the morning and this helps me when I hear a high-pitched alarm go off.  This stresses me out a lot but give me a big cuddle and throw my toys and I will relax and forget how anxious I was.  My favourite chewie  is my peanut butter ball where I have to try to get the peanut butter out. I am very affectionate and I love to sleep snugged up with my humans.  When I had a holiday with Vanessa, her boyfriend thought he could stay over on the weekend as normal but I had other plans.  Every time he tried to give her a hug, I would squeeze between them to give him the hint.  One day as I watched my beautiful Vanessa sleep, she woke up to my back to Jose and my head on his pillow gazing at her fondly.  I have no idea why they both burst out laughing and she said, Well that isnt super creepy Charlie!