Project Description

Hello friends, my name is Gizmo & I am a 10 year old Maltese Shitsu named after the Gremlin that my flat ears remind everyone of.  I am getting a bit slower now but when I want to, I kick the  energy up a notch when I find something exciting to do.  If you take me for a walk on a path,  I will stop every couple of minutes to smell and pee & will take a casual stroll along at my own pace.. It it doesn’t matter if you pretend to run away or call me and slap your knees, I am not going to come any faster because I will still just totter along.  But, if you take a detour like my petsitter Ness does, just try & stop me from running, jumping up onto the dunes, rolling & digging in the sand or frolicking in the ocean! I have belong to an adventurous family that lives on the beach front, so you will often see me at the front of the boat while the kids are foiling, sitting on the front of my dads Stand-Up Paddleboard & watching the view at the foot of my mum in the campervan when we head up North as my dad put in a small window on the floor for me to see the views.  I am very cheeky & usually sneak out of my doggy door when we have visitors staying in our granny flat and as everyone loves me, can be found sneaking snacks or curling up watching TV in the guest houses.  Ness knows exactly what I am asking for as I bark at the door to come in or out, when it is dinner time, when I need to pee or poop and its time to take me for a walk but even when I want to go on the bed.  The bed is very high so I have to tell Ness when I want to be picke up and thrown on the bed.. then I jump up & down to prepare the pillows, get myself very comfy & then will snore very loudly until the morning