Project Description

Hey, I am Jack, I was born 29th October 2016 & I am a spritely Jack Russell/Maltese Cross.  I am super energetic & most happy when I have companionship. When I was a pup, my family couldn’t get me to sit still for a minute until they realised I didn’t like handle of my leash & as soon as the handle was put on the floor next to me, I would stop still and not move an inch until it was picked up.  I love to dig in the dunes close to my house on the coast in Western Australia which is the perfect spot for me.  My parents run a campervan company and by day I hang out with them at the depot, and then my mum takes me for super long walks along the coast. Sometimes we go down to the pond where my dad kitesurfs & I love to run up and down along the shoreline chasing him.  I also like to go to the park with my mum & dad & sometimes I go for a swim in the lake with the ducks.  When Vanessa is in Australia, she takes me and my cousin for walks.  I go crazy when I see her at the door & I jump up & down constantly until she picks me up.. I love it when she takes me in her convertible. She drives me down the road to see my cousin Gizmos house and then we go to the dog beach for a run.  She has to hang onto my lead though when i am in the convertible as I like to have the wind in my hair and can be known to hang right over the front of the windscreen.