Project Description

Hello, I am Jack, I was born 29th October 2016 & I have loads of energy. I am a Jack Russell/Maltese Cross & I poop in the bushes where I can’t be seen & to I get very excited to see you by jumping up & down.  When I was a pup, the only time I would stop my energetic bouts was when the handle of my leash was placed down next to me.  I would stop still and not move an inch until it was picked up.  I have an amazing smell & love to dig in the sand dunes close to my house.  I go for a walk every day with my humans & love to run and play in the park on the way.  I love to swim especially when coaxed with a treat.  Sometimes we go down to the ocean where my dad kite surfs & I run up and down the shoreline chasing him.  I love it when Vanessa comes to get me & takes me in her convertible. She drives me down the road to see my Gizmo and then we go to the dog beach for a run.  Sometimes she takes me in the pool where I like to sit quiet in the cool. After my swim, I run around the garden at high speed with excitement and then I roll around and rub my fur on the grass to dry off