Project Description

Hi, I am Shiva.  I was born in 2011 & live in Carvoeiro with my human family & fur sisters Wills (Cat) & Winston (Dog).  I am a black Labrador cross and a very sweet girl.  I love affection and if you are ignoring me, sometimes I feel the need to nudge your hand until you give me a pat. I love human contact and I am always very pleased to see you.  My petsitter Vanessa calls me wiggly butt  because I pretty much dance when I wag my tail and look super cute.  Even when you can’t see me, you can hear me as my tail knocks on the floor, doors or kitchen appliances..  I love to play fetch with a ball or stick in our back garden but don’t know when to stop so my humans have to say enough.  I get very excited about treat time but am a little nervous of some noises at night.  This can be reassured by a little head rub though. Our sitting room is out of bounds for us fur pets but I have found that while Vanessa is sleeping over, I can slowly and gently inch my way onto the rug without her noticing and then I lie with my back to her before she notices.  When she does, then I pretend not to hear her that she is telling me to go back to my bed.