Project Description

Hi, I am Socks, I was born in 2016 & live in Fremantle, Western Australia with my human family.  I am a very sweet Beagle / Cavalier cross (Beaglier) & due to my cheeky genes I am a very curious and adventurous boy.  I am also very smart.  My first picture, Vanessa told me to smile for the camera, so I did.  By day I do my darndest to get out of our home garden so I can wander the streets sniffing out new adventures.  I love to have cuddles with my dad and playing in the garden with my  human children & I love to run along the beach and stir up the other dogs along the way  but to let everyone know I have arrived, as soon as my feet hit the sand, I spot the closest & prettiest beach bag on the beach and cock my leg for a quick pee.  I am happy to sprawl out on my parents bed but when i want to go to sleep, I get down to the bottom of the doona to where it is dark and warm.   I am a very smart dog and love to eat absolutely anything, off the road, beach or pulling everything out of the bin when nobody is watching and when I do manage to get out, I pretend like I can’t hear everyone calling me and carry on with my adventures until I get hungry, bored or a neighbour catches me.  I have a new fur sister called Stevie who is 7 months old now and I have done well to teach her a few of my bad habits when she copies me and thankfully, I don’t think my parents have caught on yet