Project Description

Hi, I am Urso, I was born on the 9th October 2008 in Slovakia & was sold from a pet shop to my current human family.  I was a very sick pup  but thanks to their love and time, I have grown into a very healthy & happy boy.  By day I am super chilled and spend my days laying on the cool tiles of the hostel my mum runs and posing for photos with our holiday guests.  I love to go to the beach to frolic in the sand and dip my butt in the cold water but because I feel the need to rescue absolutely everyone that are swimming in the waves, I am mostly only allowed to go when the beaches are empty now. I am an only fur child and love my family very much but especially love walking the streets with my dad.  I am also a very good security guard and when I am home at night I let my mum know if anyone is trying to sneak an extra person into the hostel or has had a little bit to much to drink and might wake up the sleeping guests.. I quieten down once mum tells me all is safe & secure.  I like it very much when Vanessa comes to take me out for a walk & especially when its my birthday because she brings me a pigs ears.. I take it straight to my special hiding places to bury it & sometimes I forget where that is exactly!  She has been coming for me for 6 years now and sometimes I get used to her coming at the same regular time.. I used to rush to the gate when i heard the bell go but if it wasn’t her, I would give whoever it was a dirty look & head back to my relaxing spot to wait for her