Project Description

Hi, my name is Wills.  I am a beautiful black & white cat, was born in 2010 & I live on a great property in Carvoeiro with my human family & fur sisters Winston & Shiva (both dogs) where I get to wander around looking for new adventures every day.  I like to think I rule the house until when it comes to food time when Winston tries to intimidate me out of eating my food so she & Shiva can sneak in and steal it from me if I don’t finish it. Lucky Vanessa has figured this out since petsitting us this week and has put it up on the laundry top for me to eat when I feel like it later.  I am a great hunter and love crawling through next doors vineyards to try to catch what I can.. I have been known to drag an odd animal into our house so my humans have put a bunch of bells around my neck to give enough warning to the mice, birds & rabbits around the area to get away.  Vanessa thinks I sound like one of  Santa’s reindeer & loves it when it is dark outside to know I am on my way back for sleep time when she calls out for me at night. I like to jump up for a cuddle or to curl up in my humans lap when I feel like it but sometimes I pounce out of nowhere & have given Vanessa a start a couple of times which I find hilarious. I like to use my cat towers to work on my nails have a couple of toys to play with which is fun.  I do like to be pampered but only on my terms! When I have had enough stroking I will try give you a little bite to tell you I have had enough.