Project Description

Hi, I am Winston, I was born in 2011 & live in Carvoeiro with my human family & fur sisters Wills (Cat) & Shiva (Dog).  I love that we all have boys name but are super cute girls.   I am a German Shepard cross & I am very loyal & extremely smart.  If I do something naughty, I know that if I give my sad eyes, my humans melt and forgive me instantly. I love my treat time and lazing under the outside verandah of our home. I get excited to play ball in the garden with my sister Shiva and when I can I steal the ball and hide it just to stir up my sister.  Vanessa our petsitter is staying for a week at the moment and I have hidden one ball so well from her and Shiva, none of us have been able to find it all week. At the moment, I am having to wear a clean stocking on one of my legs every day to heal a small wound.. My mum made these stockings for me & they fit really well & is doing a great job of keeping my leg clean and dry  I am very helpful to my human by lying on the floor for my daily clean & stocking change.