Project Description

Hi I am Zazu, I am a 9 year old Fox Terrier/Beagle cross & I now live in Lagos after arriving here with my mum & dad from Germany.  I am a very sweet boy but I go crazy when my beagle nose tells me food is near.. and that is any food at all.  I will give you my doe eyes like I am starving & you will feel obligated to feed me.  When I stay with Vanessa,  I nudge the bin lid with my nose to get her attention to feed me again. One day I stole a wrapper  one of her chewy lollies & tried to sneak off before she saw me but darn it, I was too slow & she got it back out of my mouth before I could eat it.  My favorite place is on any rug anywhere to relax and my favourite position is legs spread my legs out behind me and my front left leg tucked in under me so I look like a little frog.  I have a habit of dropping a smelly bottom burp regularly & I don’t know why Vanessa calls me stinky butt